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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Hip Hop History Month 2015

Hip Hop History Month Celebration

November 2015 was Hip Hop Culture's 41st anniversary. There was a series of events in London and Leeds in celebration. The event included workshops, performances Hip Hop culture exhibitions, screenings and live discussions about Hip Hop Culture. 


Our aim is to build on, share and educate people about the positive force that is Hip Hop culture. Appealing to all ages the event will encompass all elements of Hip Hop culture. Encouraging all attendees to actively participate in workshops. This project is an excellent opportunity to create a learning environment for the “artists” of these cities, allowing creativity and expression as well as education to continue to flourish. We will create learning experiences that nurture responsibility for the message, culture and way of life art celebrates, promotes and encourages.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Leeds Water front festival 2016

It's been maybe a decade since I last painted in aersol, this year I was invited to paint by a former student of mine (Aion from Hyro Graff) to celebrate the Leeds Waterfront Festival down on the Leeds to Loverpool Canal. (Near Harley Davidson,Wellington Rd) if ever in Leeds I urge you to take a visit and walk/cycle the canal. 

Helped by my faithful apprentice Maceo!!!
Picture of Maceo taken by Bobby Blues.
The celebration saw many family fun filled  activities over the weekend. Including This!! (There was a guy paddling in a sinking bathtub with a dustbin lid for a paddle attached to a broomstick. Was fun to see!!!

Many of Leeds Graffiti artists/writers took to the bridge and I for one was overwhelmed by the quality of painting expressed by all, it was a great two days of graff. Here is the peice that I personally painted which was punted over the span of two days maybe 6 hours in total due to being rained off on the Saturday. So here it is Lord of the Locks The frog of funk........enjoy!!!!!

Here are some shots from the other artists present.... 

Paints available at artofficial in Leeds city centre near Leeds Kirgate Markets

Peace and universal blissings to all!!!